Newlong industrial Japan DS-9C: Robust und preisgünstig

Newlong Industrial robust und preisgünstig (< 3800 EUR) A high-performance, dual-filament thread and 4 -Doppelkettenstich-bag closing machine with vertically acting Drückerfußdrucksystem for closing filled bags.

Guides for filler cord for sealing the needle punctures. Separately adjustable Kettel- and presser foot pressure for optimum transport bag. Low thread tension reduces thread breakage risk. Built lubrication, housing in a closed shell design. Low vibration and noise. Simple Nähgeschwindigkeitsanpassung.



yp No. DS-9C
Upper class 9 series
Applications Sew bags
Stitches / min. 2,700
Stitch length 6.50mm – 12.50mm
Default 8.00mm
Drückerfußdurchgang 12.00mm
Thread chain- and Cropper: Guided type knife
Handling Stationary
Performance class High-performance
Sewing capacity on paper 32 documents
Bag material Woven PP
PP laminated woven fabric
of paper
Bag supply Manual Feed
Lubrication Forced lubrication
Standard needle DR-H30 # 26
Stitch types 401
Transport types Bottom feed
Closures Simple sewing up
folding and suturing
Color White
Dimensions (L / B / H) 66cm / 45cm / 50cm
Net Weight 41kg
Gross weight 46kg