Newlong DHR6 (FIBC) Machine to make Big Bags

The Newlong Industrial DHR6 is a combined Overedging & Chain Stitch Machine , Two Needles, Upper & Lower Feeding, Four Thread Safety Stitch Used for Sewing Very Thick materials such as Polipropylene Container Bags, Big Bags,  FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container)stitch_sample_newlong_dhr6

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Technical Specifications

Model DHR-6
Max. Speed ※ 1,400rpm
Seam Safety Stitch / Type 515 (Double Thread Chain Stitch ・ Double Thread Overseaming stitch)
Stitch Width 6.5-15mm
Bag Material Container bag
Thickness 22mm
Cutter Overseaming width 12,15mm
Needle UY9853G 430
Oiling by hand ・ Oiler
Oil Tellus #32
weight 50.0kg
Feature Upper & Lower sending ・ Double needle
Related Machines THR-6、Table setting

depending on the sewing material and operation

Brand: Newlong Industrial Sewing Machines Japan

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