Newlong DS-11


The Newlong DS-11 the ultimate Bag Closing Machine

  • Automatic swing needle machine
  • All Power driven feed rollers
  • Simular to Doboy D95
  • Revolution Speed reaches Max.2000rpm
  • Oil-Bath and Oil-pump system
  • Built-in Timing Belt for Feed Roll


Technical Specifications

Model DS-11
Max. Speed ※ 2,000rpm
Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401)
Stitch Width 10.2mm
Bag Material Paper ・ PP
Thickness Paper bag 3P with a tuck
Cutter Automatic crepe tape cutter
Needle DN-H29 #26
Oiling Oil bath ・ Oil pump
Oil Tellus #32
weight 31.0kg
Feature High-speed type of DS-7C

Continuation sending Upper & Lower Feed Driving Rollers

Related Machines KS-1・KS-2 (Kraft Sealer)

depending on the sewing material and operation

Excellent choice when working with Multiwall Paper Bags. This machine is simular to the Doboy D-95 sewing machine but has enhanced features such as a lubricated Oil Bath. A Special designed single needle double thread chain stitch bag closing machine head with continuous motion feeding system for heat sealing. Equipped with pneumatic guillotine type crepe tape cutter.

Automatic swing needle machine specially designed to operate as an integrated part of sealing system. Features continuous motion feeding; the timed needle moves in epicyclical rotations as the bag passes through the sewing head.

All Power driven feed rollers ensure accurate feeding of the bag and avoid damage to the sack, which can sometimes be caused by a feed dog. Model Newlong Industrial DS-11 is equipped with pneumatic guillotine type crepe-tape cutter.

Revolution Speed reaches Max.2000rpm(Standard 1800 rpm). Oil-Bath and Oil-pump system. Bearing-used Revolution part for endurance. Built-in Timing Belt for Feed Roll for breakage of belt caused dust.