Newlong DS-9C


Newlong Industrial one and Two Needles High Speed Bag Closing Machine for Materials such as Multi-wall paper and Polypropylene. It is Equipped with and Enclosed Oil Bath Lubrication System that Reduces Maintenance Costs

Technical Specifications

Model DS-9A DS-9AW DS-9C DS-9CW DS-9P
Max. Speed ※ 2,700rpm 2,500rpm 2,700rpm 2,500rpm 2,700rpm
Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401)
Stitch Width 7-11.5mm 7-10.5mm 7-11.5mm
Bag Material Paper・PP Net bag
Thickness Paper bag 6P with a tuck
Cutter Half automatic
thread cutter
crepe tape cutter
Needle DR-H30 #26 DR-G67 #26
Oiling Oil bath
Oil Tellus #32
weight 41.0kg 38.0kg
Feature thread cutter Double needle of DS-9A crepe tape cutter Double needle of DS-9C Net bagNothing cutter
Related Machines A type (conveyor)、Automatic bagging machine、A1-PB Bagging Machine for Potato(Europe)

※depending on sewing material and operation

Newlong Industrial  Sewing Machine
Made in Japan

*** We carry the infeeders  CM4900-1 – Plain Sew, CM4900-3 – Tape Sew  & CP4900 Automatic infeed and top folding device for Plain Sewn Closures ***