Newlong Industrial DD-5 Sewing Machine to make Slings, Looms

Bag Mending Machine, Single Needle, Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Single Thread Used to Repair and Sew Extra Heavy Materials such as Jute Bags and Polypropylene (PP) Big Bags , Container Bags, FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), Belts and integration in automatic belt Sewing. The Newlong DD-5 is the equivelant of the Seiko SK-8 and the Singer 132k, 133k-18.

  • Low cost, high performance machine to make produce Webbing Slings, Looms, Tie Rachet
  • Affordable Free Feed Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Equal to the Singer 133k / Seiko CK8, Singer 133K-18
  • Also Bag mending Sewing Machine
  • Connecting Handles to FIBC Big Bags
  • Sewing Machine Can be integrated in a CNC system
  • Heavy Duty Drop Feed mechanism
  • Improved Oiling system
Model DD-5
Max. Speed ※ 1,500rpm
Seam general sewing (301)
Stitch Width Freedom sending
Bag Material Jute・Container bag
Needle CY×7 #28
Oiling by hand ・ Oiler
Oil Machine oil #10
weight 50.0kg
Feature Sewing head for repair of jute bag
Related Machines TD-5、Table setting


The Newlong Industrial DD-5 is excellent for making FIBC belts and Big Bag Belts and safety belts (Slings, Webbing Slings, Looms) either by hand or automated controlled by a CNC machine. The NEW LONG Industrial DD-5 is equivelant and compatible to some extend  with the  SEIKO SK-8, Seiko CK-8, Zeiko CK-1. The Newlong DD-5 is interchangable with the SINGER 132K, 133K model and Seiko Models. All parts of the DD-5 are the same as the parts for the Seiko SK-8, Seiko CK-1. Seiko SK-8 and Singer  132K, 133k-18 have been discontinued and taken out of production.





The Newlong Industrial DD-5 is the excellent replacement for the Seiko SK-8  and singer 132K, 133K. The Newlong DD-5 is a so called CNC Sewing Machine. Please quote us for our best price.







Single Needle, No Feed, Cylinder Bed, Heavy Duty Lock Stitch Machine for darning and patching broken bags such as jute, hessian or gunny. also available to use for darning tents, sheets and tubular products. No feed mechanism, free movement of the work by hand. The Work plate is available by special order.



Populair Newlong Industrial DD5 parts