Evaluates glucose levels in potatoes: This helps producers determine the best time to harvest, store, and process their potatoes for the best quality and color control during fry or crisping production [1, 2, 3].

Uses similar technology to diabetic blood sugar testing: The kit uses a meter and test strips to measure glucose levels, but it’s calibrated specifically for potatoes, not blood [3].

Requires a potato sample: At least 20 potato tubers are required for each test to ensure it’s representative of the entire batch [3].

GlucoLIS® Blue is a tool for potato producers to optimize their crops for making high-quality French fries and crisps.

Your field tool to measure the sugar content of tubers.

The Gluco-LIS® Blue toolkit includes:

  • a strip reader
  • a micro-pipette 30 cones for micro-pipette
  • 100 strips
  • 30 tubes containing the dilution agent
  • 2 control solutions
  • the procedure
  • a guide book on “managing the sugars for high-quality potatoes”
  • a user manual for the strip reader
  • a correction table
  • optional: a juice extracting press