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Union Special 81500 series Bag Maker

Upper & Lower Feed Only Filler Cord from Top and Bottom Overedge (19mm is Standard, but other widths available) Single Needle 1400RPM

DR-3a Newlong Industrial

Single Needle Machine,  Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Double Thread Chain Stitch, Used  for Seaming and Hemming openings of Extra Thick Materials  (Yute, Polypropylene Bags & Container Bags) Parts database for Original Newlong Parts Click here    Technical Specifications Model DR-3A Max. Speed ※ 1,800rpm Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401) Stitch Width 6.5-15mm Bag Material Jute・Container bag Thickness Jute bag 15mm Cutter – Needle […]

Doboy D95, D97 Sewing machine with swinging needle

On this page you will find all information about the Doboy D95, D97 Sewing Machine. The Doboy Sewing Machines (USA) are our of production and not available anymore (with the excpetion of some refusbished parts and machine). Supply of  Parts is drying up. The machine that is simular to the Doboy is is the DS-11 […]

Newlong Industrial DS-7C Bag Closer (simular to Doboy D95)

Excellent choice when working with Multiwall Paper Bags. This machine is simular to the Doboy D-95 sewing machine. A Special designed single needle double thread chain stitch bag closing machine head with continuous motion feeding system for heat sealing. Excellent choice when working with Crepe Tape Excellent choice for thinner fragile bags Less damage to […]

Newlong Industrial HR-2A (FIBC)

Newlong Industrial (NLI) HR-2A Bag Overedging Machine, Single Needle, Flat Bed,  Plain Feed, Double Thread used for overseaming extra heavy material such as Jute & Polypropylene Bags. Can also be used for Jute Pillows, Jute decoration, Geo Textiles. The Newlong HR-2A is the  ideal machine to sew everything Jute (bags and decorative like pillows) But also Big bags […]

Trouble Shooting Bag Closer Bag Making Sewing Machines

In Most cases problems are solved by checking Number 1 to 3 1. Check threading Needle 2. Check threading Looper (on double thread machine like the US2200 or Newlong NP3(ii) 3. In case of a problem with the stitch replace the needle first. This will solve most of you problems TIPS!  To keep your machine […]

Technical Support

General/ FAQ General Troubleshooting /Common problems Thread consumption of Bag Closer Sewing Machines VIDEO: Threading the looper on Newlong NP-3(II)  Threading Diagrams Newlong NP-3(II) Portable Double Thread (401 stitch) Union Special 39500 Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable Single Thread (101 stitch) Oiling Diagrams Union Special 2200 series Union Special 39500 series Blog: Bag Stitching as a joining method […]

Thread consumption of Bag Closing Sewing Heads Union Special, Fischbein, Newlong.

Based on a Stitch Length of 8 mm. Stitch Type 401 (Two-Thread Double locked Chain Stitch) Machines in this category are: Newlong DS-9C, DS-9A, DS2- (ii), Newlong NP-3 (ii), Union Special BC-100 and BC200, Union special 2200, Newlong NP-8, Fischbein Empress 100 – 101, Fischbein Empress 200 – 201, Union Special 80800.   3-ply paper […]

Union Special 4000A Portable Bag Closer

The Union Special 4000 Portable Bag Closer is the perfect Well-balanced hand-held machine that fits perfectly in an operators hand. It is designed for closing bags made of light-weight jute, Butlap, cotton, Paper, Plastic or Polypropylene woven fabric. An optional top lock spring balancer (Part. #90191M1) is available for suspended operation. Technical Data: Stitch type […]

UPG Yarn Thread break detector for DS-9C and high speed machines

The UPG is a small, inexpensive, general purpose yarn break detector in a robust metal housing. Optocoupler output suitable for PLC or other electronic control devices. The ceramic sensor part can be used either as a closed eyelet or as an open bar. Several detectors can be connected in parallel. Modular connector for quick connection.   […]