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Portable Bag Sewing Machines

Portable Bag Closers are versatile and mobile. They are used mainly to close bags but also can be used for other purposes like connectiing Geo textiles, Fencing (greenhouses), Dikes and much more. Fixations are temporarily or forever. Can be used in combination with a variety of thread colors and thread types. For every budget and […]

Thread consumption for single thread machines (such as Newlong Np-7A

Thread consumption Newlong NP-7a Stitch Type 101 (Single Thread Chain Stitch) Other simular Machines in this categorie are: Newlong NP-7a, Union Special 4000, Union Special 3000, Fischbein Model F, Union Special 2200 (in single mode). With 1 cone of 200 gram thread you can close approximately 450 – 500 bags of 40cm width 3-ply* paper bag […]

Newlong Industrial DS-9CW (2 needles, 4 threads, 6mm distance)

The  Newlong Industrial DS-9cw Bag Closer Sewing Machine makesin 1 sewing action a secure stitch of 2 lines 401 stitch (a total of 4 threads are used) This is usefull when packing products such as rice, flower, powders to have a secure stitch. In combination of folding it could be an alternative for a single stitch and Crepe […]

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