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CA13 P-86-11 (Variable Diameter Speed Pulley) for system 3CM-5

CA13 P-86-11 (Variable Diameter Speed Pulley) for system A variable speed pulley is a mechanical device that can change the speed of a driven load by altering the diameters of two pulleys connected by a belt. This allows for adjusting the transmission of power and speed to match the requirements of a specific application. They […]

What are Polypropylene bags

Many Bags sewn are made out of the plastic called Polypropylene. But what is this material? and where does it come from? About the Material Polypropylene (PP)Polypropylene also referred to as PP is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications, such as packaging, textiles, plastic parts, and laboratory equipment. It is strong, […]

Comparison between NLI Newlong DS-7 Series and NLI Newlong DS-11

DS-7A (continues thread cutter, like NP-7A) and DS-7C (pneumatic cutter like DS-9C) are closest for its functionality to the Doboy D95 they are replacing (on module level they fit in the bracket, spare parts are different) Excellent Crepe tape and/or hot Melt Tape Machine. Working with Fragile bags. Though made for Crepe tape there are companies who […]

Spun Thread cones for Portable Bag Sewing Machine, White and different colors

We sell the highest quality of white spun bag closer thread (always in stock)and all colors (by special order) of thread for use with all Portable Bag Sewing Machine such as the NLI and Newlong NP-7A, Fischbein model F and Union Special portable Sewing Machines. Our thread is of a high quality Yarn with Longer […]

Spare Parts for Newlong Industrial DS-9 series

Here at Bag Sewing Europe we have the biggest stock available for spare parts for the Newlong DS-9C. Loopers, Needles, Bearings, Feed Dog, you name it, we can deliver from stock. We deliver these spare parts mostly within the EU such as Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and also surrounding European countries such as […]

How to Repair a Newlong NP-7A (general Issues)

The best way to repair a NLI Newlong NP-7A Bag sewing machine will depend on the specific issue that you are experiencing. Common problems with this type of machine include threading issues, tension problems, and mechanical malfunctions due to damage or or miss usage. Also changing to a needle and installing it in the wrong […]