Portable Bag Sewing Machines

Newlong NP7 Air MotorNelwong NP-8Fischbein Model FUnion Special 2200

Portable Bag Closers are versatile and mobile. They are used mainly to close bags but also can be used for other purposes like connectiing Geo textiles, Fencing (greenhouses), Dikes and much more.
Fixations are temporarily or forever. Can be used in combination with a variety of thread colors and thread types.

For every budget and for every application there is a suitable machine solutions. Machines can also be installed on fixed stands.

Single thread machines Mainly for closing bags Origin
Newlong NP-7A Economic Robust reliable Japanese design Japan
Fischbein Model F Popular classic design USA
Union Special 2200AA Oldest design. 1 thread version. USA
Union Special 3100 Light weight. Ideal for Fencing USA
Union Special 4000 Budget machine. Same as Fischbein Portable F USA
Siruba AA6 Machine from Taiwan Taiwan
Metal Plast For fencing. Lightest machine (fragile) Italy


Double thread version Closing bags and for Connecting Geo Textiles Origin
Newlong NP-3(II) Robust and reliable. Can handle very thick material Japan
Newlong NP-8 2 thread version of NP-7a Japan
Union Special 5200 Same machine as Newlong Np3 (II) USA
Union Special 2200 Double thread, upper and lower feed USA