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A great Machine comes with all the right sources of SpareParts. We provide your needs in closing bags, joining materials, creation of Flexible Bag Solutions. We provide solutions for your automation project, optimization of cost per bag or solutions of flexible (battery) operated machines.

Bag Sewing remains the ideal solution to close  all sorts of open mouth bags made of materials such as jute, burlap, cotton, paper, poly-lined paper, polyethylene, woven or laminated polypropylene. The most valued machines are the Newlong NP-7 for portable applications and the Newlong DS-9C Stationary sewing head for integration into production lines.

Bag Sewing Europe exports original parts and Machines such as Japanese Newlong Industrial, Union Special, Fischbein and other mayor Bag-Sewing and Bag-making brands for Europe and outside Europe.We always provide the best value for money on our machines and parts. Contact us for a free quote We can offer you:

  • The best prices on all the mayor brands of Bag Sewing Machines (Newlong Industrial, Union Special, Fischbein) due to low overhead.
  • For distributor and End users
  • Good prices on Shipping, Fast delivery times (next day or couple of days) to Europe, Russia and Africa
  • Export to greater Europe
  • Creating Solutions that fit your budget
  • Consumables for all Sewing Machines
  • Add-ons (Spring Balancer, Crepe tape extensions, etc.)
High Quality Economical
Newlong Ind. NP-7A
Fischbein Empress 100
Bag Closer
Newlong Ind. DN-2HS
Bag making Machine
Union special BC200
Series Bag Closer
Union Special 80800C Bag Closer Machine
High Speed with 2x Oil bath
Newlong Ind. DS-9C
Newlong Ind. DD5 Repair Bags
and Create Shipping Belts.
Union Special 2200 2-thread,
double Feed Sewing machine
Newlong Ind. DHR-6
FIBC Bag making Machine
Union Special 39500TYA
Newlong Ind. DS-11
with Power Feed Rollers
Newlong Ind. DKN3BP-GP
Bag making Sewing Machine
Fischbein Model F
Also 40650
Newlong Ind. HR2A
Overlock Bag making

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