Newlong Industrial (NLI) DKN-3 & DKN-3BP Newlong dkn3bp

Newlong Industrial (NLI) DKN-3 & DKN-3BP Machine for making Bags
High Speed, Single Needle,  Plain Feed, Flat Bed, Double Thread Chain Stitch Machine for Seaming & Hemming of Polypropylene  (PP) Bags & Multi-wall Paper Bags.

Newlong DKN3BP integrated in a production Sewing Line


Technical Specifications for Newlong Industrial DKN3-bp 


Model NLI dkn3bp Newlong DKN-3BP Newlong DKN-3 Newlong DKN-3W
Max. Speed ※ 5,000rpm 4,000rpm
Seam Double thread chain stitch (Type 401)
Stitch Width 5.0-9.5mm 3.6-8.0mm 4.0-8.5mm
Bag Material PP
Thickness Paper bag 4P with a tuck
Needle UO144G 200
Oiling Automatic oil supply
Oil Tellus #32
weight 40kg
Feature The maximum high speed bag making sewing head Double needle
Related Machines TKN-3BP TKN-3 TKN-3W

※depending on sewing material and operation

Brand: Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd.
Made in Japan