Union Special 39500TYA Mesh Bag making Sewing Machine





Union Special 39500TYA is an overedging machine for Seaming and Hemming mesh bags (net bags) of woven polypropylene (pp) or polyethylene fabric. The Union Special 39500 TYA comes with a 8-9 millimeter folder which turns up and finished the net into a tight roll with a seam width of 7 millimeters. The Machine sports automatic lubrication of the internal parts, has a plain feed and a maximum speed of 5000 RPM. The stitch type is nr. 504.

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Features Application Seam specification Stitch Length Sewing Capacity Maximum speed in RPM
Single needle machine, plain feed, high speed, three thread overedge stitch. 7mm (9/32″) overedge width. With fully automatic lubrication Overedging machine for seaming and hemming mesh bags. With folder for turned up hem finished into a tight roll of approximately 7mm (9/32″). 3.2-6.4mm4-8 SPI up to 4mm5/32″