Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable Bag Closer



Easy and trouble free Portable sewing machine. Always in stock for direct delivery. This machine has the highest Quality and the best price we can offer on the market. Economic Portable Bag Closer Machine, Single Needle, One Thread  Chain Stitch, Half- Automatic Thread Cutter, with Simple Mecanism for easy Maintenance. Recommended for Materials such as Polypropylene, Multi-Wall Paper & Jute

  • The most robust portable the market
  • Best priced Quality Portable stitcher on the market
  • Japanese Quality in an original design
  • High quality parts and Japanese top brands inside like the Omron Switch (C02001) and Bando Japan belt, Metal Pump (internals)


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    • Need Parts for the Newlong NP-7a?  Click here for the Parts database for all  Newlong Machines
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    • Omron Japan Microswitch installed
      The Newlong Np-7a is made with original parts like the Omron Microswitch (C02001 or Z-15GK655-B)
    Single thread Newlong Np-7aPortable Sewing Machine


    With the Newlong NP-7a Portable bag closer you can make a Plain Sew Top Closure a Fold over Sewn Top Closure and a Stitch Through Top Closure in combination with an optional Crepe Tape Extension. There are different versions of the Newlong NP-7a:

    • Standard plain sew for closing all types of bags (Jute, PP, Hessian, Plastic (best from 150 micron and up)
    • Running on battery power via powered low voltage belt
    • For net begs (extra big presser foot)
    • Vertical for connecting geo textiles (NP7H)
    • Air powered for ATEX envoriments.
    • With crepe tape attachement. 50mm (standard) or 70 mm (special order)



    How to open a bag that is closed with a Newlong Np-7A without tools and without damaging the bag.  Watch our video.

    • Integrated  continues Half Automatic thread cutter
    • Maximum Speed: 1750 rpm 8,5 mm Stitch Length
    • Single thread Chain Stitch (Type 101)
    • Sew Jute, PP, Cotton, Paper, Multiwall Paper bags
    • Oil Pump: By hand
    • Sew up to 8 mm thick bags or material
    • Can also be used for connecting Geo Textiles (2-Thread version: Newlong NP-3II)
    • Crepe Tape extension Available.
    • Air Motor (Pneumatic ATEX proof) Available as an option
    • Weight: 6 Kilogram
    Technical Specifications
    Model NP-7A NP-7B NP-7H NP-7R
    Max. Speed * 1,750rpm 1,650rpm 1,750rpm 1,000rpm
    Seam Single thread chain stitch (Type 101)
    Stitch Width 8.5mm
    Bag Material Paper・Jute・PP
    Thickness Jute bag 8mm
    Cutter Half automatic thread cutter
    Needle DN×1 #25
    Oiling by hand ・ Oil pump
    Oil Machine oil #10
    weight 7.0kg
    Feature Overseas specification Domestic specification Width type handle Air motor
    Related Machines crepe tape cutter (Special order)

    ※Maximum speed depending on sewing material and operation Brand: Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. Made in Japan        

    Above: Air operated (Pneumatic) Newlong NP-7a Portable Sewing Machine (ATEX proof) running on an air motor  

    Power inverter for use with Newlong Portable Sewing Machines

    This 150 Watt power inverter is selected to flawlessly work with our Newlong Industrial  NP-7a Portable Bag Sewing Machine.

    On the standard 12v/40Ahbattery from a car you can operate your sewingmachine up to 5 hours.
    The power inverter has a stabalised 230v Exit and is protected against:
    • exhaustion
    • shortcutting
    • overheating
    • Battery low indicator
    The 230v exit current is a sinus shape. This is important to connect for the correct working of your electro motors.

    Cucitrice per sacchi

    Popular parts for Newlong NP-7a
    Newlong NP-7A Hanger Spring Balancer
    Newlong NP-7A Hanger 245271
    Newlong NP-7A Maintenance Kit
    Newlong NP-7A Moving Knife 246061
    Newlong NP-7A Stationary knife 246071
    Newlong NP-7A Knife screws 1/8s4003 (10)
    Newlong NP-7A Knife Tension Spring 246061
    Newlong NP-7A Knife Bracket 246021
    Newlong NP-7A Needle DNx1 #25
    Newlong NP-7A Motor C01029 (240 volt)
    Newlong NP-7A Motor Mount 241075
    Newlong NP-7A Motor Mount Screws 15/64s28004 (4)
    Newlong NP-7A Motor Mount Side Screws 4B5x12 (4)
    Newlong NP-7A Motor Brushes C08008 (2)
    Newlong NP-7A Motor Pulley 241083
    Newlong NP-7A Timing Belt F01001
    Newlong NP-7A Top Cover 245014
    Newlong NP-7A  Needle Bar with Nut 242121A
    Newlong NP-7A Feed Dog 244111
    Newlong NP-7A Presser foot 242231A
    Newlong NP-7A Looper 243102
    Newlong NP-7A Looper Rocker 243092
    Newlong NP-7A Looper Cover 245222
    Newlong NP-7A Handle Assembly 241024A
    Newlong NP-7A Handle  241024
    Newlong NP-7A Micro Switch c02001
    Newlong NP-7A  Needle Bar Guard 245033
    Newlong NP-7A  Electric Cabtyer Cord c04003
    Newlong NP-7A Oiler D03003
    Newlong NP-7A Oiler Cap 255351
    Newlong NP-7A Oil Tubes
    Newlong  Machine Oil
    Newlong NP-7A 245081A
    Newlong NP-7A Thread Eyelet
    Newlong NP-7A Needle Clamp Nut
    Newlong NP-7A Thread Stand 245042
    Newlong NP-7A Thread Cone Clamping Nut
    Newlong NP-7A Thread Stand (Complete)
    Newlong NP-7A Throat PLate 244122
    Newlong NP-7A Screws 9/64s40065
    Newlong NP-7A Bushing 242212
    Newlong NP-7A Presser foot Lifter
    Newlong NP-7A Feed dog screw 3/16s32034
    Newlong NP-7A Hook and screws 241151 and 1/8s40006
    Newlong NP-7A  Rod End 6A04001
    Newlong NP-7A screw 15/64s28028
    Newlong NP-7A 9/64s40005 (10)
    Newlong NP-7A Knife bracket Extenstion 246011
    Newlong NP-7a Newlong 246042 bushing
    Newlong NP-7a Thread Rod 245052
    Newlong NP-7a 3/16S32031
    Newlong NP-7A 9/64S40502




    Popular parts for the Newlong Industrial Portable Bag Closer
    # Part Number Brand Item Description
    1 241024AS Newlong NP7a Handle Assembly
    2 241092 Newlong NP7a Drive Pulley
    3 241131 Newlong NP7a Stop Collar
    4 242011A Newlong NP7a Conn. Rod Assembly
    5 242051A Newlong NP7a Needle Bar Lever Assembly
    6 242071 Newlong NP7a Needle Bar Lever Stud
    7 242081 Newlong NP7a Adjuster Stud
    8 242101A Newlong NP7a Needle Bar Conn. Assembly
    9 242121A Newlong NP7a Needle Bar
    10 242131 Newlong NP7a Needle Clamp Nut
    11 242161 Newlong NP7a Foot Lifter Lever
    12 242172 Newlong NP7a Lifter Base
    13 242181 Newlong NP7a Presser Bar Clamp
    14 242191 Newlong NP7a Presser Spring
    15 242201 Newlong NP7a Presser Bar
    16 242222 Newlong NP7a Bush
    17 242231A Newlong NP7a Presser Foot
    18 243012 Newlong NP7a Looper Drive Cam

    Thread consumption Newlong Industrial NP-7a
    Stitch Type 101 (Single Thread Chain Stitch)

    Other simular Machines in this categorie are: Newlong NP-7a, Union Special 4000, Union Special 3000, Fischbein Model F, Union Special 2200 (in single mode).

    With 1 cone of 200 gram thread you can close approximately 450 – 500 bags of 40cm width

    3-ply* paper bag 5-ply* paper bag Jute bag
    40cm width bag 50cm width bag 55cm width bag
    40cm width and 2 x 3 cm long chain 50 cm witdh and 2 x 5 cm long chain 55 cm  width and 2 x 3 cm long chain
    Consumption per bag: 1.74 meter = 0.38 gram. Consumption per bag: 2.28 meter = 0.50 gram Consumption per bag: 2.31 meter = 0.51 gram
    With 1kg of thread approx. 2600 bags can be closed. With 1 kg of thread you can close approximately 2000 bags With 1 kg of thread approximately 1950 bags can be closed.
    • Ply is short for a layer of paper or wood, such as with toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels or plywood
    Apparatuur om zakken dicht te binden
    Zakken dicht binden
    Zakken dicht binder
    Machine om zakken te sluiten
    mobiele machine om zakken te sluiten
    For the closure of sacked agricultural products, animal feed, chemical fertilizer and flour.
    uval Ağzı Dikiş Makinası İçin İğne ve İplik Değişimi
    Makina Yağlama Bilgisi ve Kullanım Eğitimi, Parça Takımı
    Newlong NP-7A, NP3, NP8, np7h
    1 string hand stitcher
    single thread bag closer
    sing hand bag stitcher
    101 stitcher