Needles Groz Beckert (Germany)

Wherever we are, textiles play an important part in our daily lives. Whether in fashion and clothing, sport and leisure, in the car, at home or on the road with transport and packaging textiles and with felt used in paper production. They are also used for textile solutions in medicine, in road, bridge and dam building, in nets for the fishing industry and elsewhere.

We also encounter textiles in many different forms in applications that we do not necessarily come across every day, for example in wind energy rotors or vehicle bodies made of carbon, in boat and ship-building, even, believe it or not, up there in the air and in outer space.

There is, then, an unbelievable diversity of fabrics made from traditional and also innovative fibres and yarns, which are used in many different areas. Behind them are complex knitting and weaving technologies, and sewing, felting and structuring processes. And almost always needles and precision components made by Groz-Beckert.

Bag Sewing Europe provides all Groz Beckert needles for your bag sewing or your heavy duty Sewing Machine