Newlong NP-7R, NLI Newlong Industrial NP7R (Pneumatic, Atex)

The Newlong NP-7R has been equipped with a pneumatic air motor on board. No electricity onboard. This makes the Newlong NP7R the ideal machine in Atex envoriments, Wet area’s and the closing of explosive materials such as Gunpowder for fireworks. Also available as Horizontal version NP7R+H or NP8A + R (Double thread)

Ideal for:

  • Dusty environments
  • Wet environments(Fishery)
  • Explosion risk environments
  • Atex zones (risk of Dust explosions)


  • Sugar refineries
  • Sugar packing
  • Fertilizers
  • Gun powder handling and packing
  • Construction placeswhere only pneumatic is available
  • Chemical plants
  • Fish packing and handling.
  • Air motor: F-6SM-28R Fuiji Tools Japan






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