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Packing Bread Crumbs with a Portable Bag Sewing Machine such as Newlong NP-7A

If in your bakery not all bread it sold in the day, the leftovers can be toasted and made intro bread crumbs that can be re sold to other industries. But how do you Pack these Bread Crumbs? One such machine that can be used to pack them is the Newlong NP-7A. It is an affordable […]

Portable Egg Belt Stitcher

Our portable Egg Belt Stitcher is ideal for repairing polypropylene egg transport belts in pace.  It has a lubrication lubrication pumpt extend the life of the machine. Its operation is quite easy and it can be handled by just pressing the power button. It also has a built-in automatic thread trimmer after sewing the thread. […]

Sewing Potato net bags with the portable newlong NP-7a and 242233a presserfoot

The Portable Bag Stitcher Newlong Industrial NP-7a is ideal to sew Potatoe Net bags. Together with the optional presserfoot newlong industrial 242233A. It is the ideal companion for all your net bag closing sewing needs.     Always in stock for direct delivery. The newlong np7 has the highest Quality and the best price we can offer on the […]

Newlong NP-7R, NLI Newlong Industrial NP7R (Pneumatic, Atex)

The Newlong NP-7R has been equipped with a pneumatic air motor on board. No electricity onboard. This makes the Newlong NP7R the ideal machine in Atex envoriments, Wet area’s and the closing of explosive materials such as Gunpowder for fireworks. Also available as Horizontal version NP7R+H or NP8A + R (Double thread) Ideal for: Dusty environments […]

Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable Bag Closer

The Newlong Industrial from Japan. The highest Quality for the best price from Japan. Big Bulk gives us the price advantage to this amazing rugged portable Bag Sewing machine. All moving parts (CE) have safety covers making it the most safe portable bag closer to work with wherever you are in Europe or Abroad. Bag […]