Newlong Industrial DS-9P (otato)

Newlong Industrial DS-9P made for the potatoand potatoe related industries.

The Newlong DS-9p where P stands for Potatohas been specially developed for the European market. Unlike the other machines in the newlong DS-9 series it does not have a cutter and has been adapted to work with Flexible bags such as Jute. It has extra space in the throat plate to accomodate a transport band.

Key features of the Newlong DS-9P

  • Sewing speed of up to 2700 RPM and low vibration system.
  • Robust Square design
  • Standard Double thread chainstitch (Stitch 401). Single thread Chainstitch optional (Stitch 101)
  • Stitch Width of Newlong DS-9P has a range of 7 – 11.5 mm
  • Easy open single stitch (type 101)  optional Available
  • Standard needle for the Newlong DS-9P is: Organ DR-G67 #26
  • the throathplate for the DS-9P Seiwng machine Head  is Newlong <NLI> 304231

netbag_sample_potatoes Potatoe netbag sewn with Newlong Industrial DS-9P Sewing head[/caption]



Newlong Industrial DS-9P unboxing