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Needles Organ (Japan)

The Needle at one time it was used as a stylus to reproduce musical notes, then it came across fibers, and later microelectronics. Out of these encounters, the technology of manufacturing needles has evolved into what it is today. It’s a history of the development of a variety of leading-edge technologies. Bag Sewing Europe sells […]

Newlong Industrial DS-9C Sewing Machine

High Speed, Self Lubricated, Low Maintenance Bag Closer / Bag Stitcher. Main Feature: Standard able to cut through Crepe tape with pneumatic cutter. Single and Double Needle(s) High Speed Bag Closing / Bag Stitcher Suitable for closing bag materials such as : Paper, Polypropylene (PP) . Enclosed in a self-oil bath lubrication system. This Oil […]