Power inverter 12volt to 220 for Portable Bag Closer

Power inverter for use with Newlong Portable Sewing Machines

This 300 Watt power inverter is selected to flawlessly work with our Newlong Industrial  NP-7a Portable Bag Sewing Machine.

On the standard 12v/40Ahbattery from a car you can operate your sewingmachine up to 5-6 hours.
The power inverter has a stabalised 230v Exit and is protected against:
  • exhaustion
  • shortcutting
  • overheating
  • Battery almost empty indication signal
The 230v exit current is a sinus shape. This is important to connect for the correct working of your electro motors.

The Newlong Industrial NP-7a is also available running on a battery belt. 100% Mobile! Click Here.