Trouble Shooting Bag Closer Bag Making Sewing Machines

First level problems are solved by checking Number 1 to 3

  1. Check threading Needle
  2. Check threading Looper (on double thread machine like the US2200 or Newlong NP3(ii)
  3. In case of a problem with the stitch replace the needle first. This will solve most of you problem
  4. When replacing the needle, make sure it has the correct rotational position (Refer to manual)


  • To keep your machine in shape oil it at least once a day after using it. refer to oiling diagrams
  • Use a Spring balancer for easy working and less damages to your machine.
  • When storing the machine put it back in a plastic bag. The machines are always leaking oil.
  • Use the correct type of oil. If you are not certain which oil please contact us
  • Use the right tools for the project. Tools that do not fit properly can cause extra problems
  • Replace items that wear out (like needles and looper, Feed Dog, Air cilinder etc.) on time

If you have questions on a problem or you need to request a repair please contact us


When a Looper is used for a long time, it’s thread eyelet is worn and a groove is produced due to the repeated passing of the thread. It is also subject to damage due to a bent needle hitting on it. All of these cause thread break. Worn Looper point is a cause of skipping stitches. If the looper shows one of these signs, replace it with a new one. To replace, Losen two set screws.

Caution: Use tweezers to remove thread jams from looper.
Facts about a 2-thread looper.
if the looper is not threaded through both loop holes, then the air-stitch is not made. Your bag or material may unravel it selfs. Air stitch of at least 3 cm should be present to make a strong connection.
when using different thread (thinner or thicker) in some cases it is needed to adjust the looper setting.


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