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How to Repair a Newlong NP-7A (general Issues)

The best way to repair a NLI Newlong NP-7A Bag sewing machine will depend on the specific issue that you are experiencing. Common problems with this type of machine include threading issues, tension problems, and mechanical malfunctions due to damage or or miss usage. Also changing to a needle and installing it in the wrong […]

Trouble Shooting Bag Closer Bag Making Sewing Machines

In Most cases problems are solved by checking Number 1 to 3 1. Check threading Needle 2. Check threading Looper (on double thread machine like the US2200 or Newlong NP3(ii) 3. In case of a problem with the stitch replace the needle first. This will solve most of you problems TIPS!  To keep your machine […]

Threading Newlong Industrial NP-7a

A video and diagram how to thread the Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable single thread bag closer. For more information on the NP-7 click here. Threading Video Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable Sewing Machine Parts database for Original Newlong Parts Click here    Threading Diagram Newlong NP-7a 1, 2: Thread eyelet        3.Tension Disc 4. Thread Eyelet […]

Thread consumption of Bag Closing Sewing Heads Union Special, Fischbein, Newlong.

Based on a Stitch Length of 8 mm. Stitch Type 401 (Two-Thread Double locked Chain Stitch) Machines in this category are: Newlong DS-9C, DS-9A, DS2- (ii), Newlong NP-3 (ii), Union Special BC-100 and BC200, Union special 2200, Newlong NP-8, Fischbein Empress 100 – 101, Fischbein Empress 200 – 201, Union Special 80800.   3-ply paper […]