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Trouble Shooting Bag Closer Bag Making Sewing Machines

In Most cases problems are solved by checking Number 1 to 3 1. Check threading Needle 2. Check threading Looper (on double thread machine like the US2200 or Newlong NP3(ii) 3. In case of a problem with the stitch replace the needle first. This will solve most of you problems TIPS!  To keep your machine […]

Threading Newlong Industrial NP-7a

A video and diagram how to thread the Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable single thread bag closer. For more information on the NP-7 click here. Threading Video Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable Sewing Machine Parts database for Original Newlong Parts Click here    Threading Diagram Newlong NP-7a 1, 2: Thread eyelet        3.Tension Disc 4. Thread Eyelet […]

Thread consumption of Bag Closing Sewing Heads Union Special, Fischbein, Newlong.

Based on a Stitch Length of 8 mm. Stitch Type 401 (Two-Thread Double locked Chain Stitch) Machines in this category are: Newlong DS-9C, DS-9A, DS2- (ii), Newlong NP-3 (ii), Union Special BC-100 and BC200, Union special 2200, Newlong NP-8, Fischbein Empress 100 – 101, Fischbein Empress 200 – 201, Union Special 80800.   3-ply paper […]