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Sewing Transport Fabric Together (Greenhouse Crop Clearing)

At the end of a growing season, the greenhouses are cleared out. Mats are custom-sewn according to the length of the greenhouse. The foliage, or crop, is cut loose and falls onto these mats, after which a shredder pulls the mats towards it and automatically feeds the foliage into the shredder. The transport mats are […]

T200G Thread for portable Sewing Machine Newlong NP-7 NP-8 etc.

High Quality thread for portable Sewing machines such as Fischbein Model F , Newlong NP-7A, Union Special 4000  etc. Minimum order: Just 1 piece. Best price: from 1 box (100 pcs)   For stationary machines we also deliver: 3 KG thread Cones 5 KG thread Cones White is the standard. We also deliver different color […]