Sewing Transport Fabric Together (Greenhouse Crop Clearing)

At the end of a growing season, the greenhouses are cleared out. Mats are custom-sewn according to the length of the greenhouse. The foliage, or crop, is cut loose and falls onto these mats, after which a shredder pulls the mats towards it and automatically feeds the foliage into the shredder. The transport mats are then reused for the next greenhouse by resizing them to the appropriate length. If they are too short, pieces are sewn together. If there are any defective parts, they are cut out and the fabric is sewn back together. This is a sustainable method where the material is continuously reused. The Transport mat or weed suppression cloth has a denser weave in the lengthwise direction than in the width, and the edges of the fabric are double stitched. Due to this structure, the transport mat forms a kind of “channel” when pulled through a crop-changing machine. This ensures that the material on the fabric is guided towards the center. The transport mats have an exceptionally high tensile strength and a unique composition to ensure reliability during crop changes. The sewing machines we offer use the same thread that the transport mats are made of. The material that is sewn together typically weighs between 150 grams per square meter and 165 grams per square meter in black or white (Brand example: MyPex). Which machines are suitable? For sewing the mats together, we have various machines available, such as theSingle thread Newlong Industrial NP-7A (or similar) or the Newlong Industrial NP3 II (or similar). With these machines, you can easily sew the MyPex transport mats together on-site. The P15 Geotextile thread (white) that we offer is a monofilament thread. This means that the thread has been extruded in strings rather then fibers spun together.
  • Newlong Industrial NP7A Single thread (or similar)
  • Newlong Industrial NP8 Double thread (or similar)
  • Newlong Industrial NP311 Double thread (or similar)

Suitable Thread:

P15 Geotextile Thread, 900 meters, fits all Portable Sewing Machines. An extra-large thread spool knob is included the first time.

TIP! Did you know that you can also use these machines to sew together weed suppersion fabric, climate nets, Agro nets, (Anti) bird nets, Hail nets, Taupelins, general ground cover materials and to repair all the above-mentioned materials.

A battery with inverter is available to run all existing portables (without modifications) for a longer period of time at 230V, for example, for repairs.

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