Power Infeeders for Bag Sewing Machines

Bag Sewing Europe sells a diversity of Power infeeders for Stationary Bag Sewing machines such as Newlong industrial DS-9C, Newlong Industrial DS-7c, Newlong industrial DS-11, Newlong Industrial DS-6AC or small system with NP7 or NP8 installed. In addition they can be combined with Empress 100, Empress 200 etc. Newlong Industrial CP4900 The model Newlong Industrial CP4900 guides the bag into the machine. When mechanical Guides are installed it also folds the top of the bag (for bags made of Polypropiline plastic bags) Newlong Industrial CM4900-3 The Newlong Industrial CM4900-3 power infeeder with Crepe Tape reel cuts the top of the bag and ads Crepe tape via a variaty of Binders from 55 mm to 75 mm. Other Power Infeeders.