Closing Fire Sack Bags with out bag Closers

How to Close Firesack Bags with a Bag Closer

Firesack bags are used to store and transport flammable materials. They are typically made of a durable material, such as canvas or vinyl, and have a closure at the top.

The closure is important to keep the contents of the bag secure and prevent them from spilling out.

A bag closer is a machine that is used to close firesack bags. It can be a handheld device such as the newlong industrial NP-7A or a stationary device such as the Newlong Industrial DS-9C that has a needle and thread. The needle is inserted through the fabric of the bag and the thread is pulled through to create a secure stitch.

The Newlong NP-7A is a popular bag closer that is used to close firesack bags. it has an integrated knive to cut the thread after sewing.

In addition Bag Sewing Europe also sells machines to create Fire Sacks, closing them in the bottom and the sides.

Fire sacks have an open net structure to hold mainly materials such as wood .