Comparision between Newlong Industrial DS-9C and Fischbein Empress 100

Newlong Industrial DS-9C Sewing Machine Head for Bag Closing:

Manufacturer and Reputation: Newlong is a renowned brand in the industrial sewing machine industry with a strong reputation for producing durable and reliable equipment.

Design and Features: The DS-9C is purposefully designed for bag closing applications, featuring optimized attributes for stitching bags, such as adjustable stitch length, thread tension control, and compatibility with various bag materials. Shear Knife, cuts 1 time per bag. (where empress has a continues rotating knife and keeps

Stitching Performance: Newlong Industrial machines are recognized for their consistent and high-quality stitching performance, making the DS-9C a dependable choice for strong stitches suited to heavy-duty bag closing.

Durability: Newlong Industrial machines are built to withstand demanding industrial environments, characterized by robust construction and components that ensure longevity even under continuous use.

Ease of Use: The DS-9C offers user-friendly controls and an intuitive setup process, facilitating efficient operation, particularly important for operators dealing with various bag types.

Maintenance: Routine maintenance may be necessary to keep Newlong machines like the DS-9C in optimal condition. However, they are typically designed for easy cleaning and servicing.

Pro’s for the Newlong Industrial DS-9C:

  • Lower price
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Higher Speed then Empress 100
  • 2x Oil Bath
  • Pneumatic operated Knife (This knife needs to be operated by for example a PLC and Photo eye. not included)
  • Many add-ons and sub models availabe such as Power Infeeders
  • Model with Continues rotating knife (same as Empress) is DS-9A

Fischbein Empress 100:

Manufacturer and Reputation: Fischbein is a reputable brand in the bag sealing and bag closing industry, known for producing a range of bag sewing Machines and sealing solutions for a long time in History.

Design and Features: The Empress 100 is thoughtfully designed to provide efficient bag closing capabilities, equipped with features tailored to industrial bag sealing needs, such as adjustable speed, consistent tension control, and compatibility with various thread types.

Stitching Performance: Fischbein machines, including the Empress 100, are known for their consistent and reliable stitching performance, ensuring quality stitching for bag closing applications.

Durability: Similar to Newlong Industrial machines, Fischbein products are constructed for heavy usage, with durability in mind to handle the demands of industrial bag closing.

Ease of Use: Fischbein machines are recognized for their user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, which reduces the learning curve for operators and enhances overall productivity.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to maintain optimal performance and longevity for Fischbein equipment. Their design may incorporate features that simplify maintenance tasks.

In summary, both the Newlong Industrial DS-9C Sewing Machine Head and the Fischbein Empress 100 are reputable options for industrial bag closing applications. Your choice between the two could depend on factors such as brand preference, specific features offered, availability of spare parts and servicing, and the machines’ compatibility with your production needs. It’s recommended to directly compare specifications, features, and reviews of both models to determine which aligns better with your requirements.