Protecting Your Home Against Floodwaters: The Newlong NP-7A Portable Bag Closer

When floods threaten your home, the Newlong NP-7A portable bag closer becomes your ally. This compact and efficient machine swiftly seals sandbags, even without electricity. Its compatibility with a small battery we sell (256 WH) enables you to operate it anywhere, even during power outages via your car on the 12v outlet.

The Newlong industrial NP-7A single-thread chain stitch ensures a strong closure that resist against the water, safeguarding your belongings and your family. Its affordable and robust design makes it a reliable investment for flood protection for your house, your property, your valuables.

With the Newlong industrial NP-7A by your side, you can confidently protect your home and loved ones from the destructive force of floods from Rain, Rivers and a dike breach.

The machines works by using sewing technology.

What can we offer you from stock?

  • Portable Bag Closer Newlong NP-7A (Quality alternatives also available)
  • Thread for the machine (with 1 roll you can close at least 300 bags when the width is about 40 cm)
  • Spring balancer if you want to pre-produce bags in a production area

What do we not provide from stock?

  • We do not have the bags in stock, we refer you to a partner.
  • We do not have in stock sand to fill the bags, we can refer you to a partner.
  • We are located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • We ship all over Europe (and beyond if needed)
  • Contact us direct (als in the weekends when needed)
  • Sales Manager Marc Petersen +31642173033 (also Whatsapp)
  • Contact us direct by email on: (fast ansewering of your request)

For who is this? You are living in Europe, cloese to a river, water lake in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Switserland, Austria, Italy. Mountain areas or low areas such as in the Netherlands.

You are living close to a river or you are living in a low area which are more likely to flood from areas that are higher.

Flood protection with sewn bags: when the thread is lower, the sand can be removed and the bags can be re-used rot the next time.

Besides Bags can also be filled with:  Sodium polyacrylate. it absorbs more than 150 times its weight in water though it is less envorimental friendly.