Newlong Industrial Japan 033121 Looper for Double Chain Stitch (401)

Always in stock! The looper Newlong Industrial 033121 is a crucial component of bag closers, essential machines used for sealing bags. It works in conjunction with the needle to create the double-needle lockstitch, which secures the bag’s opening. This looper is compatible with several bag closer models, including DN2HS, DS-9C, DN2W, DS-11. It features a durable design, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Regularly inspecting the looper for damage or wear is essential for maintaining its optimal performance. Worn or damaged loopers can lead to inconsistent stitching and weak bag closures, compromising the quality of the product. It is recommended to replace the looper periodically to ensure the continued reliability of bag closing operations.

The looper 033121 is a crucial component of bag closers, playing a vital role in securing bag openings and maintaining product integrity. Its efficient double-needle lockstitch formation ensures strong closures and contributes to efficient bag sealing operations. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn loopers are paramount for maintaining optimal performance and preventing production disruptions.

  • Looper for Newlong Industrial DS-9A
  • Looper for Newlong Industrial DS-9C
  • Looper for Newlong Industrial  DS-9P
  • Looper for Newlong Industrial  DS-9CW
  • Looper for Newlong Industrial  DN2HS
  • Looper for Newlong Industrial  DN2LHS
  • Looper for Newlong Industrial  DS-11