Newlong Industrial History (Japan)

Newlong Industrial (NLI) is a producer and developer of a diversity of packaging solutions. Historically Newlong contributed to the development of the automation packaging technology since the establishment of Newlong 1941.

Newlong Industries has developed the packaging systems needed for various manufactured goods such as food packaging, daily necessaries, fertilizer packaging, chemical packaging and much more. Newlong Industries supports all the Japanese industries through there ‘Packaging’ solutions.

The overwhelming market share of Newlong in Japan is 95% for special industrial sewing machines90% for bag making machines and 80% for automatic bagging machines. Worldwide Newlong Industrial is the one of the biggest manufacturers of bag-closing and bag-making solutions.

Factors that have contributed to the development of the company to such a reliable position is the capability of Newlong to identify and meet the most urgent requirements of its end-users.

Newlong Industrial is ready to meet it’s customers with even more advanced and diversified industrial packaging needs for the future as a pioneer in the packaging industry.