Fischbein Portable F Air Operated (ATEX)

  • Improved cam design and lubrication system for increased life time
  • Extended wear resistant bushings
  • Reinforced cam follower and improved cam follower pin:  no longer affected by bag jams!
  • Enhanced needle lever assembly
  • Fischbein model F comes with special throat plate for ATEX applications (Ref 11210B7) For use in zone 22.
  • Plain sewing – one thread version, stitch type 101
  • Stitch length : 7mm non adjustable
  • Compressed air : 5 bars min.

An equipotential binding connects the various parts of the machine (body, cover, and air motor) to each other.  This equipotential binding MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE GROUND WITH A FIXED FIXATION (Screw and Nut).


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