Bag stitching: A joining method

There are many  joining methods. Sewing bags with a bag sewing machine (also for Geo textiles and other combinations) is a joining method which makes a fast and high quality non polluting joint on 2 flexible pieces of woven or non woven material. Our bag closers are a flexibel joining method and can be applied in many situations. Even battery operated machines are part of our range of products.

With a bag sewing machine or also called a Bag Stitcher or Bag closer machine you can join 2 materials together. These sewing machines are generally built for heavy duty use in industrial rough envoriments. Think of dusty envoriments, explosion proof envoriments (ATEX) and other envoriments where other methods cannot be used.

Geo textiles
Bag Sewing Machines are excellent for joining GEO textiles and fencing textiles in the construction business, agriculture, Greenhouse technologie and much much more.

Types of thread
There are many types of thread that can be used. Generally the types of thread being used are spun thread. This is also the most economical. Another option of thread typically used for Geo textiles are the so called pulled thread. These threads are not made out of fibers but pulled out a single piece of thread.

Anti sifting methods

Sifting is the leakinf of the packed product. To prevent leaking there are numerious ways to opbtain a better closing.
Some are: Folding the bag, Using double stitch line (4 threads) Adding crepe tape, Adding filler cord and much more.

One of the more drastic measures to prevent leaking and contamincation is sewing and sealing. This way you get a strong connection and the tape over sew prevent material falling out or coming in. First the bags are sewng and then the top of the bag is being covered with hot gleu tape.

Another method is to first (heath) seal the bag with hot melt and then sew over it.