Instruction video’s for Newlong NP-7A

Before you start (Oiling)
Oil the area through which thread passes, the tension disc, the thread guide, looper, etc.(Note:An anticorrosive agent is applied to the machines at the factory, in order to prevent rusting. It is necessary to use oil to remove this agent so that your thread will running smoothly throught he machine.

How to use your NP-7A.
Oiling is very important to keep the machine in good condition while operating pour oil in the reservoir (capacity 45 cc). To begin the flow of oil to the machine, push the button of thelubricator ten (10) times continuously before starting the machine. This should dispense enough oil for an average running of four (4) hours under normal operating conditions. WARNING! Never run the machine without applying oil as it could cause a machine failure or break down.

Re-threading the machine
The machine is delivered being threaded to show you proper threading of the machine. Watch this video of the threading of your machine.

Replacing the needle
Turn the pulley of the Newlong NP-7a  until Needle Bar reaches its highest position. Loosen Needle Bar Clamping Nut, and set Needle in the Bar as deep as it will go.

Make sure to set a Needle with its concave part facing the correct position toward the Looper. Fix the Clamping Nut tightly, otherwise the needle may come loose during operation and break.


Your machine is skipping stitches
After you use your machine for a while your some stitching skipping may occur. This is due to friction and micro-bending of the needle. When this happens, replace the needle with a new one to solve the problem. Watch the instructions carefully when putting the needle.