Newlong Industrial DS-9CW (2 needles, 4 threads, 6mm distance)


The  Newlong Industrial DS-9cw Bag Closer Sewing Machine makesin 1 sewing action a secure stitch of 2 lines 401 stitch (a total of 4 threads are used) This is usefull when packing products such as rice, flower, powders to have a secure stitch. In combination of folding it could be an alternative for a single stitch and Crepe tape combination. The knife is a pneumatic operated knife.

Key features of the Newlong DS-9CW

  • High Sewing speed of up to 2700 RPM and low vibration system.
  • Robust Square design
  • Stitch Width of Newlong DS-9CW has a range of 7 – 10.5 mm
  • Easy open single stitch (type 101)  optional Available
  • Standard needle for the Newlong DS-9CW is: Organ DR-H30 #26
  • Passive oiler to thread the front 2 needle threads of the machine.
  • Additional guides to guide