Thread consumption for single thread machines (such as Newlong Np-7A

newlong_industrial_np7a_strip_BSEThread consumption Newlong NP-7a

Stitch Type 101 (Single Thread Chain Stitch)

Other simular Machines in this categorie are: Newlong NP-7a, Union Special 4000, Union Special 3000, Fischbein Model F, Union Special 2200 (in single mode). With 1 cone of 200 gram thread you can close approximately 450 – 500 bags of 40cm width

3-ply* paper bag 5-ply* paper bag Jute bag
40cm width bag 50cm width bag 55cm width bag
40cm width and 2 x 3 cm long chain 50 cm witdh and 2 x 5 cm long chain 55 cm  width and 2 x 3 cm long chain
Consumption per bag: 1.74 meter = 0.38 gram. Consumption per bag: 2.28 meter = 0.50 gram Consumption per bag: 2.31 meter = 0.51 gram
With 1kg of thread approx. 2600 bags can be closed. With 1 kg of thread you can close approximately 2000 bags With 1 kg of thread approximately 1950 bags can be closed.
  • Ply is short for a layer of paper or wood, such as with toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels or plywood