Use Case: Sewing Geo textiles together

In this use case we are looking at how to sew Geo textiles, Agro Textiles and nets together and what machines and what thread are most suitable for the job. When sewing Geo textiles together it is important to know what material is going to be sew (thickness and stiffness) woven or non Woven material.

Options for sewing machine types
The main focus for the usage of Bag Sewing machines is the closing of bags. However the portables are also suitable for connecting various types of Geo Textiles on the spot. In combination with the right thread that is more resistant to UV and rotting due to hummidity you can get the strongest connection made our of polypropyline. Machines that are suitable are NP-7A, NP320A, NP8. The NP-7A is a single thread type 101 stitch ideal to connect geo textiles that are an underlayment in growing plants in pots keeping out weeds.

Using the right thread
The standard thread being used with bag closer machines is spun yarn. This is a 100% polypropylene thread. For geo Textiles it is adviced to usa a monofilament thread such as the P15. These thread cones can be fitted on portable machines such as the NP-7A, NP8 or the NP320A.

What GEO materials can be sewn?
From a distance it is not always possible to know what materials can be sewn. Though most materials that are flexible and punchable there will not be a problem. when amterial is much thicker and more difficult to punch it with a needle more information is needed or eventually a sample of the material so it can be tested in our shop.

Sewing GeoNets and other materials
Besides sewing geo textiles for flooring purposes also lighter materials can be sewn. think about Shading material in green houses or connect nets covering the crops. When sewing nets, a single thread is advisable as after sewing is not needed anymore, the thread can be removed easily and the material re-used.