Battery for every Portable Bag Closer

The NP-7A + 300 Watt Lithium ion Battery is a unique set. Now you can run any portable bag closer (230V AC) directly on this battery block. It is not neccesary to own a special machine with 12V DC motor. Without anu adaptions you can directly use your standard AC NP-7A, fischbein model F or even your Union Special 2200G (with 120 Watt Motor) (note: a higher motor wattage results in less operating hours) 

The battery is a special battery that makes a “Pure sine wave” The built in inverter converts DC electricity to AC electricity. The battery thus can handle machines with a motor of up to 300 Watt.

With a portable Bag closer such as the Newlong Industrial NP-7A or the Fischbien model F with a 90 Watt motor you can easily run your portable within the limits of the battert. In the case of a portable bag closer with an AC motor of about 90 Watts you can sew “continuesly” for about 2 to 2,5 hours on a battery charge.

Ideal for field work

Installation of light weight geo Textiles of connecting nets to protect yout crops, With this battery you are free to go anywhere in the field. Need more power? a bigger battery is available but also you could buy a 2nd battery so whilte the first one is empty this one can be charged.

Optional solar panel for extra Durability
With the optional solar panel of 60 Watt you can charge this batter even when you are working with it.
And if there is no sun, ofcourse you can charge the battery in every wall socket near you. It is also possible to add a charge via the “new” 60 Watt USB-C PD bi-directional charging port.

The battery is small and portable enough to fit a backpack. This backpack needs some air vents as the battery has built in ventilators to cool the battery down. This way you can work completely Hands Free!

Additional connections

The battery in total has 5 different connection ports. This way you can virtually connect all devices within the 300 Watt Limit. Besides the 300 W AC connector port it also has a 120W 12V DC (which you can find in all cars) to charge an active cooler for example. Also you can find a diversity of USB ports

the display had a high visability that works well in the sun. the display shows how much Watt’s the mahcines are using. When charging on solar it shows the Watt’s of the generated power from the solar panel on that specific moment. This way you can position the panel out of the shadows and to the correct angle of the sun. Did your phone run empty? no problem, at the same time you are sewing you can charge your phone or other USB devices.

Specificaties Accu:

  • 300 Watt
  • Capacity: 175wh AC capacity
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • 5 different connections
  • Optional solar panel (18Volt / 60W can be connected to charge “free” energy in the most durable way.

Designed in the Netherlands
With so many technology and power in a small box the design is extreme important for a save working envoriment. That is why this Battery is Designed in the Netherlands for a save and reliable battery.

Interested? contact for more information, pricing and delivery time.