Technical Support

General/ FAQ General Troubleshooting /Common problems Thread consumption of Bag Closer Sewing Machines VIDEO: Threading the looper on Newlong NP-3(II)  Threading Diagrams Newlong NP-3(II) Portable Double Thread (401 stitch) Union Special 39500 Newlong Industrial NP-7a Portable Single Thread (101 stitch) Oiling Diagrams Union Special 2200 series Union Special 39500 series Blog: Bag Stitching as a joining method […]

Thread consumption of Bag Closing Sewing Heads Union Special, Fischbein, Newlong.

Based on a Stitch Length of 8 mm. Stitch Type 401 (Two-Thread Double locked Chain Stitch) Machines in this category are: Newlong DS-9C, DS-9A, DS2- (ii), Newlong NP-3 (ii), Union Special BC-100 and BC200, Union special 2200, Newlong NP-8, Fischbein Empress 100 – 101, Fischbein Empress 200 – 201, Union Special 80800.   3-ply paper […]

Union Special 4000A Portable Bag Closer

The Union Special 4000 Portable Bag Closer is the perfect Well-balanced hand-held machine that fits perfectly in an operators hand. It is designed for closing bags made of light-weight jute, Butlap, cotton, Paper, Plastic or Polypropylene woven fabric. An optional top lock spring balancer (Part. #90191M1) is available for suspended operation. Technical Data: Stitch type […]

Union Special 3000A Portable Bag Closer (Discontinued)

  The Union Special 2000 and the Union Special 3000 are now replaced by the Union Special 3100. 3000A – Portable Single Thread Bag Closing Machine Single Thread Plain Feed Machine with Built-In Thread Chain Cutter The 3000B Portable Bag Closer  is a light weight, well balanced machine that fits perfectly in an operator’s hand. […]

UPG Yarn Thread break detector for DS-9C and high speed machines

The UPG is a small, inexpensive, general purpose yarn break detector in a robust metal housing. Optocoupler output suitable for PLC or other electronic control devices. The ceramic sensor part can be used either as a closed eyelet or as an open bar. Several detectors can be connected in parallel. Modular connector for quick connection.   […]

Union Special BC100 / BC200 HighSpeed Bag Closer

Fast – 2750 SPM Self-oiling lubrication system Low noise & vibration Shell design casting Thread control Variable pitch pulley/handwheel Compatible High production – a linear sewing speed up to 114 ft./min. (34m/min.) (depending on stitch length, operation, & material) Simplified maintenance Less operator fatigue & longer part life Easy adjustments & maintenance Easily set a […]

PLC programmeren naaistraten

Only available  in Holland, Belgium and Parts of Germany. Bag Sewing Europe programmeert voor haar klanten ook betaalbare PLC oplossingen om diverse componenten samen te laten werken in een verpakkingslijn van zakken-naaimachines of andersoortige machines. Denk aan: Start stop, infeeder, lopende band, snijden van draad en crepe tape en nog veel meer. Hiervoor kunnen diverse […]

Zandzakken / Sand bags

Bag Sewing Europe kan indien gewenst Zakkennaaimachines leveren voor het vervaardigen van Zandzakken. Een zandzak is een jute zak gevuld met zand. Een zandzak wordt gebruikt voor: Het tegenhouden van water bij overstromingen; Het tegenhouden van kogels en granaten in verdedigingswerken door het leger; Ballast bij ballonvaarten. Zandzakken worden op locatie gevuld met zand en […]

Buying Big Bags (FIBC)

Bag Sewing Europe sells Big Bags for you to buy with every opening and closing in use. Besides the Sewing Machines that make Big Bags we also sell the Big Bags. Big Bags are flexible ‘container’ bags also Known as FIBC (Flexibel Intermediate Bulk Container), which can carry a weight of 500 up to 2000 […]